Saturday, November 13, 2021

About Me and My Blog

Among a million book blogs you are reading mine. Thank you very much for that!


Welcome to the Beyond the Pages blog!

I am Ludmila and I live in Russia. I have been studying English language for quite a long time, but I have started reading books in English only 3 years ago, when I met wonderful ladies from the United Kingdom who love reading books, discussing and writing about books, as I do. They opened for me the World of books, literature and history. I am immensely grateful to them for that. 

I am a historian, but not all historical eras and periods are interesting to me. I prefer reading books about World War ll. Historical non-fiction books are very informative, they provide a lot of useful information about the period to us. I am sure that you agree that not all of us are ready to spend hours by reading historical non-fiction books while there are a lot of attractive historical fiction books with breathtaking plots and nice characters. The books those not only describe the events but help us to live in that period. Each historical novel makes me wish to find more information about the places, events, or even characters and I do so, I look for the information in non-fiction books, newspapers, museum sites, and in the other places. It is always exciting to learn more about wartime, how people survived, what they did to help each other and so on. So I decided to start this blog to share the information that I have found with you. Giving a review of the book I have read, I add the information on the topic touched upon by the author, which I have found in the other sources, thereby going beyond the pages of the book.

Hope you will find something interesting and useful for yourself here Beyond the Pages of the book you are reading, or have already read or wish to read.

I will be so glad to read your opinion in the comments under my articles.

Thank you for being with me!

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