Friday, November 26, 2021

All That Lingers by Irene Wittig - Book Review


Title – All That Lingers

Author – Irene Wittig

Publisher – Independently published

Genre - Historical Fiction

Publication Date – March 20, 2020

My Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


“A standout among the many novels set in this world-changing era.” KIRKUS REVIEWS, A STARRED Review.

A future that holds such promise. A war that echoes through generations.

The rise of Nazism in Austria catapults Emma’s once idyllic life in Vienna into chaos. As she grapples with the harsh new reality of her country’s betrayal, she desperately clings to her humanity by hiding her Jewish friends. In the aftermath, she finds solace in helping those in even greater need than herself.

The war sends Sophie, an innocent young girl, down unexpected paths. When she returns to Vienna from her American refuge, she will seek her lost history. 

Friedrich, Sophie’s uncle, teeters on the edge of what is right and his personal survival. His actions and inaction leave long-lasting repercussions that will threaten to throw all their lives into turmoil again.

Follow the interweaving stories of people through the most tumultuous period of their lives and its wake, as they endure loss, devastation, betrayal and heartache, while still clinging to hope for a better tomorrow.


She wanted to protect them, but was their protection dependent on her wish?

Emma is a beautiful girl who had a wonderful life and the faith in the bright future with her fiance and their expected child. She had had the quite life full of happy moments before the rise of Nazism in Austria, when everything turned upside down. She had to hide her Jewish friends in her apartment. She had to do everything to protect them.

I enjoyed reading this book. As for me the main value of it is the historical facts of the presence of Nazi Germany in Austria during the World War 2 and how the Austrian people survived in the wartime.

This is a good book and it is worth reading. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in historical fiction.

Thanks to Irene Wittig, BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book!


 Memories of my Viennese family and the fellow refugees and people displaced by war that I grew up with lie at the core of my novel. ALL THAT LINGERS I absorbed their stories of loss, of difficult decisions and survival against the odds, of rebuilding lives, even of triumph. I came to understand how much of the past lingers -- sorrow, anger, the loss of trust and even faith. Yet their resilience was proof that hope lingers as well for otherwise the struggle would not have been worthwhile.

The CLAY CANVAS and the revised CLAY CANVAS were inspired by my 20 years of work as a ceramic painter. Alphabet tiles I painted led to the children's illustrated alliterative alphabet book AN AMUSING ALPHABET.

SHORT TALES AND RUMINATIONS were inspired by real events, dreams, and my imagination.

THE BEST THING ABOUT BENNETT includes scenes inspired by experiences my husband and I had in Uganda.

I am always grateful for reader reviews of my books on Goodreads.

For more information on the Vienna of my novel ALL THAT LINGERS please go to my website:

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