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Christmas Past by John Adcox - Book Review

Title – Christmas Past: A Ghostly Winter Tale

Author – John Adcox

Publisher – The Story Plant

Genre – Holiday Fiction

Publication Date – December 07, 2021

My Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


The winter holiday season is a time for gifts and music, for snow and miracles, and for family and going home. For Jessie Malone, it's a time for sorrow.

Jessie is a graduate student living in London, where she hopes to be one of the first folklorists ever to trace an urban legend back to its original source. She's also a grieving young widow unable to heal from the agony of her life-shattering loss.

In the bleak midwinter, Jessie learns of an urban legend about a lonely, wandering ghost, a British sailor named Sam who promised his bride that he'd be home for Christmas. The legends say he's been trying to make it back to her since World War II. 

As she investigates, Jessie learns that Sam's story defies the patterns of how urban legends are supposed to work. It's a puzzle she can't let go. To solve the mystery, she must confront the impossible and, just perhaps, discover a miracle of Christmas love that survives beyond the grave.

A story that will engage all your emotions, Christmas Past bursts with wonder, enigma, romance, and the unquenchable spirit that comes from promises that must be kept.


Christmas is not only hope and dreams for a brighter future, but also memories of the past: sometimes a happy, and sometimes a sad past.

The action takes place around a strange story that happens every year on Christmas eve. Sam is trying to return home, where his wife Emily is waiting for him, by Christmas. The problem is that Sam died in 1943, during the World War 2.

Jessy is an anthropologist and learns the story about Sam, what interested her, because she, like Sam's wife Emily, is an American girl and she lost her beloved husband David too. She does not believe in ghosts and considers this legend to be fiction, tries to find an explanation for what is happening. Ghosts don't exist, do they?

I enjoyed reading this well-written story. It hooked me from the first chapter and did not let me put the book down. Christmas Past made me laugh out loud and cry. The narrative easily transported the reader to London on Christmas eve, where even the nature reflected sad events: snowfall, rain, fog.

The stunning illustrations for the book convey the atmosphere of London, reflect the events and complement the story, turning it into a complete picture of the book. These illustrations are a great addition that pleases the eyes of the reader.

I liked Jessy so much, I felt her grief, loneliness, emptiness and enjoyed to relive those happy and sad moments of her life.

I also liked Sam, I wished to help him find his way home, to his Emily.

I will definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves reading Christmas seasonal books, fiction and who prefer ghost stories. I am sure that this book will be enjoyable reading for many people, as it was for me.

Thanks to John Adcox, Carol Bales, The Story Plant and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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 After a 30-year career in new media, where his titles have included VP, Digital Media, VP, Creative, Executive Producer, and even CEO, John Adcox is now concentrating on storytelling. In addition to his writing, he is the CEO of Gramarye Media, Inc., the “next generation” book publisher, game developer, and movie studio of the future. He is also the author of Raven Wakes the World.

Carol Bales studies, works, and teaches in a place where technology and creativity intersect. Educated in painting at the University of Tennessee and Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, she works as a senior User Experience Researcher for The Weather Company and teaches at Georgia State University.

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